Electrical services for homes and non-commercial properties

Electrical Installations

If you are having an extension built or refurbishing a room, we can fit any new electrics or lighting systems you need – from design stage to installation and testing. We’ll come along and look at your plans, give you a quote and work to budget.

We can also upgrade older wiring systems and all our work is carried out to the BS 7671 standard.

We’re experienced in working with a range of homes – of all styles and ages – so whether you have a new-build or a home built during the Victorian era, we can cover all your installation requirements.

Electrical Faults

We offer a fast and reliable service for fixing electrical faults in the home. A problem with flickering lights or your electricity constantly tripping out could be a sign of faulty wiring or a loose connection. Other common electric faults include sparking sockets and switches while a smell of burning could indicate an electrical product is overheating.

Our engineers are experts in fault finding and diagnosis and we’ll get to the bottom of the problem and fix it as efficiently as possible.

Electrical Inspections

Like most things, electrical installations deteriorate with age and it pays to carry out periodic inspections to keep them in a safe and serviceable condition.

Industry guidance is that electrical inspections should be carried out every 10 years for owner-occupied homes and every 5 years for rented accommodation.

An inspection includes checks for any defective electrical work, checks for overloaded circuits and identification of potential fire hazards. We’ll make sure your electrics meet the BS7671 safety standard and on completion, issue you with an Electrical Condition Report (EICR).

Green Power

Why not save money on your electricity bills by fitting solar panels to your roof?

We can carry out a survey to check the pitch of your roof and advise on whether it’s worth fitting solar panels and how many would panels would work best for you. We’re a one-stop shop when it comes to solar energy and can fit and source them for you.

Electric Vehicle Charging

If you’re thinking about ditching your petrol or diesel vehicle, we can supply and fit an Electrical Vehicle Charging Point at your home. As fully electric and hybrid car become more popular, this is a service we expect to be doing more of in the coming years.