9th OCTOBER 2019
The team at Moray Robertson Electrical Services has sponsored a high school award to inspire young entrepreneurs.
MRES Managing Director Moray Robertson was delighted to present the first Young Entrepreneur honour to S6 Wallace High pupil Carla Gee during a recent ceremony at the school.
Carla, 16, was named the first recipient of the school’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award which is sponsored by the family firm.
She was chosen to receive the award for her leadership skills and entrepreneurial characteristics demonstrated across a range of activities.
These included being part of a Young Enterprise Scotland team which set up a successful business recycling old candles and jars into gifts to be sold at Christmas events.
She also raised funds for a Girl Guiding trip and passed the Young Enterprise Scotland exam with Merit. 
Carla, who plans to embark on a career in engineering when she leaves school, said: “I enjoyed being involved in all the enterprise activities and couldn’t believe it when I was told I’d won the Entrepreneur’s Award.
“I was really chuffed, and it was extra special because it was the first one to be given out and I got to take a small trophy home in addition to the one which goes in the cabinet at school.
“I’m proud to have won the award and grateful to the Robertson family for organising it.”
Moray and his wife Cherene hope the award will inspire pupils and celebrate those who demonstrate entrepreneurship.
The family has a long association with Wallace High – Moray is a former pupil and their S4 daughter Grace attends the school.
Moray said: “We’re pleased to have this opportunity to reward students who are forward thinkers and hard workers and we hope this annual trophy will provide some inspiration for Wallace High pupils.
“It’s great to be able to work with the school and give something back to the local community and I was delighted to present Carla with the Award and recognise her entrepreneurial skills.”
Wallace High School will present the honour to a pupil each year at the Senior Awards ceremony. 
Depute head Donna Harris said: “Carla is a worthy first recipient of the Moray Robertson Electrical Services Award for Young Entrepreneur of the Year. 
“She has shown great leadership skills and strength of character across a range of entrepreneurial activities. 
“From being a guiding force in a Young Enterprise Scotland company to fundraising for the Lesotho Community Partnership and ultimately passing the Young Enterprise exam at Strathclyde Business School with merit, Carla has demonstrated an impressive work ethic as well as creativity and commitment. 
“Her success is well deserved and perfectly rewarded by this award.”
Headteacher Scott Pennock said: “We are grateful to Moray Robertson Electrical Services for sponsoring an award that recognises entrepreneurship as part of our Senior Awards. 
“We work very hard at Wallace High to promote Developing the Young Workforce across our curriculum. 
“An award such as this is especially fitting as it comes from a parent and former pupil of the school who has gone on to successfully build a business and exemplify the very skills and standards this award seeks to celebrate.”
Moray Robertson has worked in electrical engineering since leaving Wallace High School at the age of 16.
He always had an entrepreneurial spark and growing up saw his parents and grandparents run their own businesses.

Moray is also an advocate of lifelong learning and spent the last few years studying before graduating from Napier University with a degree in Business Management last year.    


Carla Gee with her MRES Young Entrepreneur Award