Installation and maintenance of wind, solar and hydroelectric renewable energy solutions for commercial and residential clients

Wind Turbines

We install and maintain small wind turbines at a range of premises, including factories and farms, across the UK.

We start by assessing your site and estimating the return on investment a wind turbine could bring to your business. We can then help with the planning permission process, source and supply the most appropriate turbine before organising the installation and connection to the grid.

We also offer a maintenance and inspection programme post-installation.

Hydroelectric Schemes

If you are based in an area where you can easily access flowing water, your business or home might benefit from a hydroelectric power scheme.

As specialists in the renewables market, we can advise on the available schemes, supply and fit your hydro plant and carry out the necessary electrical certification. We also maintain and repair hydroelectric schemes and refurbish existing systems.

Hydro energy could save you money, cut your carbon footprint and be a great long-term investment.

Solar Energy

Why not harness the power of the sun to generate your own electricity?

We supply and install solar panels for homes and businesses in the UK and Ireland. Solar power works by converting sunlight into electrical power which is passed into your property’s electricity distribution board. They can cut electricity bills and generate income when you sell what you don’t use back to the National Grid.

The panels, fitted to roofs or installed in fields, are particularly useful for firms which use a lot of refrigeration.

CHP Systems

Combined heat and power systems generate energy by capturing the power from heat that would otherwise be wasted when producing electrical or mechanical power. For many businesses they offer the opportunity to reduce energy costs and improve environmental performance.

We can advise on, supply and fit CHP plants which generally consist of an electrical generator combined with equipment for recovering and using the heat produced by that generator. We also provide effective supervision and maintenance following installation.

G59 Testing

Power generation systems must be compliant with the G59 regulations covering all types of generators which are connected to the National Grid.

Before a generator can be used, it must have a G59 compliant Mains Protection Relay – a protective monitoring device which automatically disconnects the generator from the mains for safety reasons should a fault arise.

We have invested in the training and equipment required to carry out the functional and safety tests on the G59 Relay device before it can be commissioned for use. We travel all over the country carrying out these tests and providing the certification required once complete.